Brown: McLeod-Skinner would be a great step forward

To the Editor:

Frustrated voters should be pleased to find an excellent candidate on their November ballots: Jamie McLeod-Skinner. She comes from and
understands rural Oregon. She is highly educated. She is wonderfully approachable.

She wants to make Washington work for Oregonians. She is not indebted to PAC money — in fact, almost half of her campaign funds are from small donors in contributions of $200 or less. She is a consensus-builder. She is a wonderful role model for young people, especially women. She is not here to take anyone’s guns away. She is first to say she is a rural democrat — keen on using government to fix problems using public/private partnerships. She is not keen on the welfare state. She is courageous and very hard-working.

If it feels like Washington is not working for you, here is a chance for your voice to be heard. If you are tired of partisan politics and gridlock, Jamie is a person who can build bridges. If you are looking for far-sighted leadership, Jamie would be a great step forward.

Some people stand ahead of the pack on their own merits. Jamie McLeod-Skinner is one of them. If you are tired of “the Swamp,” here is your chance to drain it: vote for Jamie.

Ann Brown


Pokorney: Walden is a tireless worker as our voice in D.C

To the Editor:

I fully endorse and recommend Congressman Greg Walden for re-election as our Congressman from the Second Congressional District.

Congressman Walden has served with distinction and works tirelessly for the entire district.

His dedication to the wide variety of constituents is unequaled. He has tremendously helped veterans, small business owners, agriculture producers, energy concerns and water users, and he helped with the broadband communications upgrades for the large and sometimes remote Second Congressional District. Congressman Walden has also worked to stem the terrible scourge of opioid addiction.

Congressman Walden has proven his love and dedication to the people he represents. Vote to re-elect Congressman Greg Walden. Keep a native son of Oregon and tireless worker as our voice in Washington, D.C.

Daniel Pokorney

Former mayor of La Grande

Evans: We cannot allow B2H to slash through Oregon Trail

To the Editor:

The more I read about the proposed B2H Transmission line ripping and tearing through our county, the more shocked and dismayed I get. One reason most of us live here is because we love this place. Its rolling hills and grand meadows, forests and rivers ... and always, the nearby mountains, gleaming and beckoning. We are blessed with a scenic panorama of wide unbroken spaces that few other places can match.

More than that, we have a national treasure running right through our backyard — the Oregon Trail. Every day, we can see, feel —
experience — the same grand vistas those first pioneers saw and felt.

The Oregon Trail is truly a most special place, a unique national memory, and we who live in its “space” are, it seems to me, its guardians.

So how can it be, in this day and age, that we could even consider permitting some out-of-state interest to trash right through all this? Make no mistake: this is no ordinary transmission line. A monstrosity more than 150 feet tall, it will wind and tear across the countryside like a giant steel snake, blighting and/or destroying everything in its path — and, most sadly, wrecking every public viewshed, forever.

If the B2H line is permitted to slice through our counties, I submit that the lives of each of us — as well as what we live here for — will be much poorer. A parade of hundreds of 150-foot-tall monstrous and out-of-place towers — that’s like a parade of 15-story office buildings, folks.

We may as well live in downtown Manhattan.

Brock Evans

La Grande