Rosenbaum: Sporting Clay?

To the Editor:

Who is this Tom Claycomb guy anyway? Now he’s graduated from plugging coyotes, plinking ground squirrels and popping partridge to political punditry?

I’m sure he’s well versed in “over-reaching federal policy” on preserving endangered bull trout (quote the Jarbridge Shovel Brigade) and how we refuse to fight wildfires.

Judging by his attitude, he’d be a prime candidate to help shoulder the burden for the Bundys’ battles or as a functionary in Zinke’s Interior Department. Better yet, Representative Walden could certainly use him as an advisor on wildlife and wildfire issues.

His policies:

“If it flies it dies.”

“Horn and hoof, stalk and snuff.”

“Canadian wolves are illegal immigrants.”

“Have AK-47, will hunt.”

“The only good salmon is a dead one.”

“Burn, baby, burn.”

Go get ’em, Tom.

Michael R. Rosenbaum

La Grande

Ebbert: McLeod-Skinner vs. Walden: Believe what they do, not what they say

To the Editor:

I am voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for U.S. Congress. Jamie is addressing the issues that are important to me.

Mr. Walden has disregarded America’s health and safety. He voted to revoke restrictions on burning off waste gas in mining and drilling operations, contributing to CO2 emissions and making our air toxic. Revoked waste management controls from coal mining operations/processing, polluting our streams and rivers. Revoked restrictions and approved gun sales to the mentally unstable. Authored and voted for Trump’s health care bill, which, if it had passed, would have caused 27 million families to lose their insurance coverage.

The incumbent helped pass the GOP tax bill, which provided huge tax cuts for the super rich and a small temporary tax reduction for middle and lower income America while making health insurance unaffordable for 7 million families. Sorry, there is no leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. The United States will have to borrow one and half trillion dollars (yes, a trillion is one thousand billion dollars) with interest, and taxpayers will pay the bill.

Now Walden and his D.C. cronies have the largest war chest in history, larger than the next 14 countries in the world plus $34 billion. We are a mercenary country!

Mr. Walden’s largest campaign contributors are Pharmaceuticals/Health Products, Health Professionals and Oil & Gas plus Super PACs. Small donors, $200 and less, are just 3 percent of his total. Public meetings are primarily with Corporate America and mostly not in Oregon. You must be quick if you wish to attend an event with him because it happens infrequently and is only publicized about half a day in advance — it seems only his supporters are notified.

Jamie is coming from behind. She will be a strong professional voice in Congress and will help stabilize this chaos. Go to one of her events and/or visit her website, and you will see she is real: She has been traveling her district including our Wallowa and Union counties. She does not hesitate to make herself available to her constituents.

Believe what they do, not what they say.

David Ebbert


Lennox: Walden pales in comparison to McCain

To the Editor:

It is interesting to see movie clips on television depicting the values Sen. John McCain exhibited during his life and career. One clip shows Senator McCain strongly correcting one of his supporters who claimed Barack Obama was an Arab. He publicly corrected her because he knew that what she was saying was wrong. I know many Democrats, while disagreeing with many of Senator McCain’s policies, were impressed with him as a human being for standing up for the values of truth and honor.

Rep. Greg Walden has shown no such backbone or courage when it comes to responding to the hate and divisiveness this country has seen in the last 18 months. The once moderate Republican that many Democrats and non-affiliated voters supported is missing. Where is Greg Walden and where did he go? Representative Walden now receives more support from outside interests than his own constituents. He accuses town hall attendees of being from “out of town” when they are his neighbors asking legitimate questions. He is a representative without the fortitude, courage and honor to stand up for all his diverse

As when Democrats supported a moderate Republican when it “felt right,” so it is time for Republicans to support Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner because it “is right.”

Time for a change!

William Lennox

Former Wasco County Commissioner

The Dalles

McCracken: Rivers should belong to everyone

To the Editor:

The Grande Ronde Greenway Project funded primarily by Oregon Department of Transportation is in its second stage.

The first stage resulted in the completion of a portion running a short distance downriver from Riverside Park. The second portion will continue the trail along the river to Island City. This will link the two cities with a safe, scenic pedestrian pathway and enable all to enjoy our river. There are three proposed routes. Maps are available at the Island City City Hall office.

Rivers running through towns should belong to everyone. Most cities lucky enough to have a river have developed paths that become vital hubs to the towns’ livability. These paths encourage exercise while providing connection to nature and an informal social setting, opportunities sorely lacking in modern urban life. Studies have shown community paths enhance physical, social and mental health.

A completed path would link La Grande and Island City socially and economically, be it walking to Riverside Park to share play time with children or heading to an Island City coffee spot.

When visiting in Minneapolis I accompany my sister on her daily morning walk through a wetland bird sanctuary tucked in the middle of town, often followed by a stop at a nearby coffee shop. The seasonal sights, smells and sounds on the walk plus the exercise and human interaction provide an upbeat start to every day. Opportunities to expand social boundaries informally are priceless.

Many of the people who own land along the proposed route are in fierce opposition to having a path cross their property.

They feel their property rights should preempt public access. True, their current private settings would be altered. Their good fortune provides multiple other amenities less fortunate people are deprived of. But privatizing access to our river?

Most of the coastline in other states is owned by the fortunate few who block public access. Oregonians enjoy access to Oregon beaches thanks to forward-thinking lawmakers. Rivers, like the ocean, provide comfort and connection to the earth. Let’s keep that ideal foremost in mind.

Mary McCracken

Island City