Kotz: Mona Williams has personal and professional integrity

To the Editor:

We have known Mona K. Williams for what seems like forever. We both grew up in Wallowa County, and so did she.

We have always found her to be very fair-minded, caring and kind. She’s not just a surface person, she digs deeper. She has been our attorney and friend. She cares about people. She’s her own person and sticks to what she knows, believes and the facts. I’ve never found her to be influenced by what others think or by politics. She will make a great circuit court

judge with both personal and professional integrity.

Vote with us for Mona K. Williams for Union County Circuit Court Judge.

Dean J. and Carol D. Kotz

La Grande

Mendiguren: Wes Williams has the proper temperament

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to support Wes Williams for the position of circuit judge for the 10th Judicial District of Oregon for Union and Wallowa counties.

As a former circuit court judge, I have come across all types of attorneys, none more capable than Wes Williams. I always appreciated the way he addressed the court, my court staff, all attorneys, clients and opposing parties and witnesses.

Wes Williams is definitely the best qualified person running for this position. Wes has the proper temperament for the job. He can and will listen to all sides and render his decision on the law based on the facts before him.

I will vote for Wes Williams for the Circuit Court Judge for the 10th Judicial District. I ask that you investigate both candidates and then decide for yourself. If you do investigate, I am sure you will agree and cast your vote for Wes Williams for Circuit Judge for the 10th Judicial District.

Phillip A. Mendiguren

Retired circuit court judge

Collier: Then and now, Wes Williams embodies admirable qualities

To the Editor:

l am writing today to endorse my college pal for consideration to the post of circuit court judge in the nearing election.

When you consider attributes for selection for a critical position such as this, I’d like to suggest Wes’ past performance, as a high school teacher straight out of college in the mid-1980s, as a qualitative attribute. Wes Williams so inspired his students that he was chosen among the entire teaching cadre of Sandy High School as “Mentor to Teachers” two years in a row. He then chose another calling and wanted to serve as trial attorney.

How telling is it, then, that a recent college graduate was so motivated to train our younger generation that he was chosen to mentor other teachers, who would then also inspire their pupils?

Wes Williams has been an inspiration and motivator of fellow Oregonians his entire life. As a student of criminal justice at Southern Oregon University, he was an inspiration to me to do my best and work my hardest, and challenged me at every turn. Because of Wes, whether on the tennis court or classroom, nothing but hard work would be my goal each day, every day.

I cannot think of a more qualified, more humble and deserving candidate for the position of circuit court judge. I know of no one in my entire adult life who works harder, puts in longer hours and is committed to the rule of law and judicial fairness than Wes Williams — my best friend since 1983.

Mark Collier

LT USCG (Ret.)

Grants Pass

Mann: Wes Williams has sorely needed perspective

To the Editor:

Vote for Wes Williams for circuit court judge on Nov. 6. His diverse background (ranging from agriculture to education) gives him a perspective sorely needed in our justice system today. I have known Wes for 14 years. My observations are based on my personal experience with him.

Wes is a proven champion of the underdog. He leaves no stone unturned in discovering the truth. He is ethical, humble, diligent and an asset to our community. His years of legal expertise in case law and constitutional rights will ensure a fair trial for all our citizens. His respect for all individuals regardless of their social status is evident in his courtroom dealings.

Please join me in casting your vote for Wes Williams for circuit court judge.

Iris Mann