Dall: Mona Williams has genuine, down-to-earth Eastern Oregon values

To the Editor:

I have practiced law in Union and Wallowa counties for more than 25 years. I practiced against the Honorable Mona K. Williams when she was in private practice. I practiced against her when she was the Wallowa County District Attorney. During that time, I always found her to be highly professional, ethical, fair, prepared and respectful. I appreciated the way she practiced law, even though we were on opposite sides.

I have now had the privilege of appearing in front of Mona as a circuit court judge. She has demonstrated the same qualities as judge as she did as an attorney and district attorney. She has the experience, knowledge and temperament necessary for the position. I also admire her genuine, down-to-earth Eastern Oregon values.

I fully support Judge Mona K. Williams for Circuit Court Judge.

Rick Dall

Attorney at Law

La Grande

West: Mona Williams has impressive work ethic

To the Editor:

As a former judge of Union and Wallowa counties I had a unique perspective to observe both candidates for judge. Both individuals appeared before me often.

Because of ethical constraints, judicial candidates cannot take positions on legal issues. Consequently judicial races are filled with pabulum about being fair and often turn into a personality contest. I
believe it is helpful to look at the experience of each candidate. In my opinion, Mona Williams is clearly the more qualified candidate for the job.

Mona has experience both defending and prosecuting criminal defendants. She has extensive experience in handling civil cases including custody matters before she became Wallowa County District Attorney in 2007. She was a strong advocate for victims’ rights and for holding defendants accountable for their crimes. She is a strong believer in drug court where addicts and alcoholics are given an opportunity to recover and lead productive lives. She included DUll defendants in treatment court and obtained funding for treatment court.

Mona is a team player who knows how to collaborate with community partners to improve the justice system. She obtained donations to fund a child abuse assessment center in Enterprise. This assessment center
allowed victims of child abuse to be interviewed in Enterprise within 48 hours rather than having to wait up to four weeks to be interviewed in La Grande. A child abuse assessment center is an objective agency not affiliated with the police where victims of child abuse are interviewed and examined so that an objective decision can be made as to whether to prosecute the suspect.

Mona is fair. In her position as DA she wielded considerable power. In my opinion her plea offers were fair but she was not afraid to go to trial if necessary. She demonstrated a strong knowledge of the rules of evidence. Her integrity is beyond reproach. Her work ethic is impressive.

If you have not seen Mona out campaigning much it is because she is busy doing the work of a circuit judge. I strongly recommend Mona Williams for judge.

Russ West

Retired 10th Judicial District Court Judge

Vandervlugt: Electing Wes Williams for judge will be positive step for our community

To the Editor:

I have known Wes Williams since my family moved next door to his family more than a dozen years ago. I have served on two different juries and I have also been a witness in a case in which he was representing a client. Wes was very thorough, thoughtful, respectful, and well prepared.

I can always tell when Wes is working on a case because he is up and out the door early. He will also work into the night and on weekends to make sure that his client is getting the best representation possible. He is very passionate about that.

When I was deployed to Iraq, Wes and his family were here for my family. He is a good neighbor. Electing Wes Williams for judge will be a positive step for our community.

Tim Vandervlugt

La Grande