Botts: Walden votes with Trump’s agenda 98.9 percent of the time

To the Editor:

We are writing in support of Greg Walden for Oregon’s Congressional 2nd District because of his support for President Trump’s agenda on: 1. tax cuts for all taxpayers and making permanent the individual tax reductions; 2. encouraging new business creation through incentives; 3. lowering the unemployment rate through job creation; 4. reducing health care costs; 5. limiting illegal immigration; 6. choosing Supreme Court Justices who interpret the Constitution as our founders intended; and 7. renegotiating unfair trade deals with other countries.

Walden has voted for or introduced bills in Congress that: 1. support healthy forests; 2. provide comprehensive legislation to combat the nationwide opioid crisis; 3. allow for lower drug costs; 4. assist veterans with their medical and mental health care; and 5. support the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).

As the incumbent Congressional 2nd District representative, Walden is the sole conservative vote for Oregon in Washington. D.C. Oregon District #2 is the largest district in Oregon (it covers roughly two-thirds of the state and is the seventh-largest district in the nation). Data from reports Oregon’s two senators (both Democrats) combined voted with President Trump’s agenda only 13.3 percent of the time, and Oregon’s other four representatives (also Democrats) combined voted with President Trump’s agenda only 22.4 percent of the time. However, the good news is that Greg Walden votes with President Trump’s agenda 98.9 percent of the time.

Vote for Walden if you want your conservative voice to continue to be heard in Washington, D.C.

Rodney and Linda Botts


Lathrop: Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for abortions

To the Editor:

I’m writing to urge a yes vote on Measure 106. This measure came to the ballot as 100 percent grassroots generated and uniquely so, with no special interest or corporate help. In spite of the millions of dollars from deep-pocketed special interest to confuse, distort and distribute false information, Measure 106 is simply written with outcomes limited and transparent — no tax monies funding elective, including late-term, abortions in Oregon.

Oregon has spent millions funding elective abortion for decades. HB #3391, signed into law in 2017, greatly
expands the tax money funding abortions. If Measure 106 passes, there will be additional money available for needs like education, roads and mental health.

While denying no one the right to abortion, this measure allows for special interests like Planned Parenthood to come to the aid of the women they use as fundraising pawns, instead of the status quo spending on six figure salaries and hundreds of millions on political activities.

However, this issue is about more than money. Research is increasing data showing that abortion hurts women. Abortion is unhealthy health care. What has been promoted as a simple medical procedure in reality has destroyed lives; droves of post-abortive women deal with depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and often difficulty in maintaining relationships. Studies are now showing links of abortion to breast cancer.

Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for others’ choices. Join me in voting yes on Measure 106.

Annette Lathrop


Erwin: U.S. must reduce incentives to curb immigration

To The Editor:

“If you want to continue this in English, press one.” Does that sound familiar? This is only one of many ways we are being conditioned to the fact that the outsiders are coming en masse because immigration laws are being ignored and contested by open border advocates.

Incentives such as welfare, medical care, political correctness and sanctuaries from government immigration laws are very attractive and causing the migrations to America. They are used to pluck heartstrings and are causing schisms between our citizens. The incentives are being used to overwhelm our American customs and values by masses of outsiders having different customs and by ignoring our laws. We Americans do have national mores based upon the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Bible. They have worked well for us for approximately two and a half centuries and need to be followed by the entire nation.

Think about what became of all the Indian cultures of both North and South America when the Europeans overwhelmed those cultures and replaced them with new ones. That is a preview of our future if we don’t reduce these incentives and stop the liberal open border advocates from using outsiders to gain power over the American customs and citizens.

Fortunately, we in Oregon now have an opportunity to eliminate the existing sanctuary law by voting yes on Measure 105.

Gene Erwin

La Grande

Cremin: Respect for Wes Williams is bipartisan

To the Editor:

Campaign signs peppering the landscape in Union and Wallowa counties indicate a high level of local interest in these midterm elections.

One notable thing about placement of signs supporting Wes Williams’ candidacy to be circuit court judge for Union and Wallowa counties are the campaign signs for other candidates in the same yard. The bipartisan values exhibited by home and landowners with Wes Williams signs planted on their properties indicates to me how well-respected he is by voters supporting both sides of the aisle.

This is an indication of how broadly Wes Williams is supported and of the fact that v

oters recognize his lack of political bias.

I’ve never had cause to enlist Wes Williams’ aid in a legal matter. However, I know him to be a considerate gentleman and family man, with unwavering integrity. I’ll let those who know him professionally detail those qualifications

Wes Williams has the values, honesty, integrity, compassion and wisdom to serve as our circuit court judge. I’m voting for Wes Williams.

Janet Cremin

La Grande

Axelrod: Wes Williams is not fainthearted

To the Editor:

My first reaction after reading Cory Larvik’s invective against his colleague Wes Williams’ candidacy for circuit judge was incredulity. Isn’t a defense attorney’s duty to demand a fair trial and provide an able defense for his or her client? By that standard of duty to a constitutional guarantee, Wes Williams is an outstanding candidate. But if we accept Mr. Larvik’s logic, it could just as easily be applied to his preferred candidate: how dare she do her job as DA? His argument makes no sense.

The only qualification Larvik cites to distinguish his candidate is that she is straightforward, but he then implies that her ideology is one he shares. By bringing up ideology, Mr. Larvik taints a non-partisan position and seems to imply that his candidate is not impartial and lacks judicial temperament.

Wes Williams is straightforward, too, but also more tempered, widely experienced and respected. Plus, he is formidably knowledgeable of the law, personable, open-minded and courageous, where others prove themselves fainthearted in their role as attorneys.

All the evidence leads to an obvious verdict: Wes Williams is far and away the best candidate for circuit judge. He has my vote.

David Axelrod

La Grande

Howard: Mona Williams’ campaign violated rules of judicial conduct

To the Editor:

The Oregon rules governing judicial conduct state that a judicial candidate shall not knowingly use court staff, facilities or other court resources in a campaign for judicial office.

Mona Williams’ original “Elect Mona K. Williams Circuit Court Judge” Facebook page showed Mona wearing her judicial robes, standing behind the bench in the Union County Courthouse, with her judicial nameplate in front of her and the seal of the State of Oregon behind her. How does such a photograph NOT use court resources in Mona’s campaign for judicial office?

On Oct. 15, I attended the Union County candidates forum. I asked both judicial candidates, Wes Williams and Mona Williams, whether they had ever knowingly used court staff, facilities or other court resources in their campaign or postings online. Wes was well aware of the rule regarding judicial conduct and stated that he had never violated it. Mona avoided answering whether she had ever used court facilities in her campaign.

Mona’s refusal to answer my question caused me to wonder: Does Mona, a judge running for election as a judge, not even know of the rules of judicial conduct that she is expected to follow as a judge? Or does she just not believe that she should comply with those rules?

Either way, Mona Williams’ use of that photograph has clearly violated the rules of judicial conduct. At the forum, she failed to accept responsibility for her own actions — as is expected of criminal defendants who appear before her daily.

Michael Howard

La Grande

Union County Law Enforcement Association: Judge Mona Williams has trust of law enforcement community

To the Editor:

The Union County Law Enforcement Association is proud to support Judge Mona K. Williams for Oregon’s 10th Judicial District Court. The Oregon 10th Judicial District Court encompasses Union and Wallowa counties.

Many of the Union County Sheriff’s Deputies have worked with and alongside Judge Mona Williams since 2007 in Union and Wallowa counties. During Judge Mona William’s time as District Attorney for Wallowa County, she has shown she is ethically and morally responsible, dedicated and passionate about the citizens of Union and Wallowa counties.

Mona was appointed by the governor as the replacement for Judge Russell West in the 10th Judicial District Court of Oregon on June 1 of this year. Since her appointment she has displayed the same ethical and moral standards that we deputies seek and similarly expect for the citizens of Union and Wallowa counties. One of the most important qualities that Judge Mona Williams possess is her ability to have a working relationship with and the trust of the law enforcement community in Union and Wallowa counties. This ability is unsurpassed by any other candidate.

Having a former defense attorney (Judge Thomas Powers) and a former prosecutor (Judge Mona Williams) on the bench together gives a balanced approach our local government needs.

We have observed Judge Mona Williams’ tough stance against offenders found guilty of crimes committed against citizens of Union and Wallowa counties. She is not afraid to hold the offenders fully accountable, including prison time if necessary. On more minor cases she is willing to give second chances when and where they are appropriate.

In our opinion, Judge Mona Williams is the most morally sound, firm and fair-minded candidate for Judge in the 10th Judicial District Court. As a whole, we feel that Mona K. Williams will best serve Union and Wallowa counties and the citizens as Judge for the 10th Judicial District of Oregon.

Union County Law Enforcement Association