Bergstrom: Free-range dogs a serious problem in Union

To the Editor:

Dog owners, I would address the problematic situation of dogs running at large in Union. Without doubt, our small animal companions are in constant danger of being seriously injured, maimed or killed by these dogs at all hours.

Though heartbreaking, some recent cases in point include, just to name a few, some chickens killed by two dogs on Main Street, a beloved cat killed by a Great Dane on W. Arch Street and a cat seriously injured by a large pitbull mix on W. Arch Street. All of these animals were attacked on their own properties. In the case of the Great Dane, the owners of the cat were bitten as well.

Most certainly, the owners of these dogs are well aware of the leash law and choose to simply ignore the fact, regardless of the resultant pain our pets and ourselves may have to endure. As well, anyone who truly cared for their dog would not subject it to the hazards that prevail, much less the danger it presents to our small pets, which are helpless against attack.

I believe people with this mindset need to put the shoe on the other foot. They display irresponsibility in maintaining their dogs, not to mention wanton disregard and total disrespect for animals and for the rest of us who love and responsibly care for and maintain our animal companions.

These people need to be held accountable for their actions, and they need to know the grief and pain they have caused those of us who dearly care. Clearly these loved family pets do not deserve this horror.

Marcia Bergstrom


Roberts: Thanksgiving is a holiday of joy

To the Editor:

Thanksgiving is almost here, and what a beautiful holiday of blessed joy it is.

All the beautiful fall colors and the cool crisp air filled with the singing of little snow birds in our neighborhood makes me smile and my heart sing.

What wonderful blessings our loving heavenly father has created for us to enjoy. I give him all the praise and glory he solely deserves for it all.

What an awesome God we serve. May our loving and gracious heavenly father bless each of you this Thanksgiving, that is my prayer.

Janice Roberts

La Grande

Journet: San fire management is the answer

To the Editor:

As you’ve heard: “Denial ain’t a river in Egypt!” Denial flows from Washington, D.C., to the western states.

Data indicate the area burned by fire has been increasing over the last few decades. But data also tell us that going back a century and beyond, the area of western forests burned was much greater than today.

So, what’s been happening? Since the wildfire trend started in the 1970s or 1980s before logging was substantially reduced, that cannot be the problem.

However, what happened in the mid-early years of last century was an extensive campaign of fire suppression. Meanwhile, during the 1970s -1980s and onward, climatic conditions started becoming notably different as temperatures rose, snowpack declined and soils started drying out, producing worsening drought trends.

Throughout the world, areas with our wet winter / dry summer climate support vegetation that is fire prone, fire adapted and fire dependent. Since fire is critical to the health of our forests and is inevitable with global warming continuing, we’ll never prevent fires however hard we try. Urging yet more fire suppression rather than sane fire management is displaying ignorance.

It’s alarming to see uniformed citizens and politicians blaming the wrong causes for fires.

Alan Journet Ph.D.

Co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now