Ebbert: New House of Representatives may modulate administration’s atrocities

To the Editor:

The election is over; America has spoken. This administration’s policy of fear and hate has been rejected. That is not who we are. Even with gerrymandering and voter suppression, our voice has been heard. Against overwhelming odds our ancestors left their homeland and fought a revolutionary war to
escape a despot king. We have a new House of Representatives that may modulate some of this administration’s most outrageous atrocities.

America’s political climate is toxic. People of color, non-Christian faith, political groups and refugees seeking asylum have all been targeted by this administration and white supremacists as undesirables. We are not a divisive nation; refugees and immigrants fleeing oppression have been welcomed to America and contributed to our growth and diversity. This is the administration’s own brand of ethnic cleansing.

Hate crimes have escalated this year by an additional 57 percent. The police shoot and kill for nothing more than a broken taillight. Now they so fear the worst scenario when responding, they shoot and kill each other.

We must take appropriate steps to regain the trust of our long-term allies and our position as leader of a free world.

Support for despot regimes and human rights violators must end. Promises and claims of glory based on ignorance, “alternate facts” and even personal gain are unbelievable and sources of such claims must be considered.

America will recover. It may take decades but with leadership, faith in a free world and good will we can make it happen. Believe what they do, not what they say.

David Ebbert


LeBold: Elected officials owe us information on climate change

To the Editor:

A recent cover story titled “Storm Clouds Gathering” in the Ruralite magazine (monthly newsletter from OTEC) stated that we, as consumers of their electricity, are facing some confusing and complex issues that would require significant changes to their operations and have an effect on our utility bill.

The issues in the story are related to climate change, although they did not use the terms in the story, and they ask that we contact our elected officials with our concerns and questions.

I have asked my state representative and senator and my U.S. representative and senators for information on climate change issues, and they WILL NOT RESPOND.

Chuck LeBold