Grigsby et al.: Food drive reaffirms La Grande’s generosity

To the Editor:

EOU students from the Sociology 315 class conducted a class project this fall to assist the Anthropology/Sociology Department’s Haven from Hunger initiative, which is managed and maintained through the heroic efforts of EOU alum Bridget Thamert. Five students from class canvassed three different La Grande neighborhoods: M and N Avenues between Fourth and Alder; Depot, Benton, Ash, Birch and Y avenues; and the South Hills neighborhood.

We were able to talk with many residents who were home and answered the door. It never ceases to amaze how generous and hospitable most people in La Grande can be when strangers come knocking for a worthy cause. The drive collected more than 850 pounds of food and costly non-food items, which will ensure for the holidays ample supply for Haven from Hunger’s emergency food pantry (541-786-FOOD). It is a continuous effort, though, and EOU students may be coming to a neighborhood near you in the future.

Yet not all families hold out optimism in what the future holds. In a society with great wealth, there are still many among us who worry about where and how they will secure food. In Union County, 12 percent to 17 percent of households suffer from food insecurity. Hence the ultimate goal of Haven from Hunger, found in the name — to create a community where all have enough to eat.

Bill Grigsby,
EOU Associate Professor
of Sociology

Stormy Bullard
(Physical Activity & Health)

Ashley Campbell (Psychology)

Blake Daugherty

Lydia Hurty

Taylor Tibbetts (Anthropology/Sociology)