Ater: America’s refuge should be reserved for legal immigrants

To the Editor:

The letter submitted to The Observer by Mr. Whitaker deserves at least a reply. I resent the inference that views on illegal immigration that differ from yours and your progressive party somehow mean we are racist or white supremacists, which by the way we are not. The Republican Party is a party of laws, abiding by the laws of the land that made America a great country.

Your stance on immigration is an insult to the immigrants who are in this country legally. They spent the time and energy waiting as prescribed by our laws. They wish to contribute to our country, make a better life for themselves and become citizens. Our country accepts more than 1.5 million legal immigrants each year. They should have first chance for employment and care. The people trying to come here illegally may also want a better life but should not be put before those abiding by our laws. Many come to enjoy the many benefits provided by our welfare system. Our hospitals must and do provide care for all who come to them seeking help.

As for the law that was passed in 1987 making Oregon a sanctuary state, things have changed considerably. At that time there weren’t caravans with thousands from many countries attempting to cross our border seeking illegal entry. There are thousands apprehended each year trying to cross our borders, with many more undetected, I am sure. Your statement is true that Oregon is home to thousands of immigrants or descendants of immigrants, but they came here legally.

I wonder why your progressive party failed to fix this problem during the years of Obama. Under the Obama administration your party was for securing our border. Certainly you can now support President Trump as he tries to do the same, to keep our citizens safe. If your progressive party is truly
concerned about this problem, then join the Republicans, abide by the law, build the wall and save the millions of dollars spent each year caring for those coming here illegally.

Edward Ater

La Grande

Cleaver: Imbler FFA students make difference in community

To the Editor:

One of the most amazing groups of young people is the Imbler FFA and their teacher Mr. Cant. These students select folks in the community to help. They showed up at my mom’s in November and raked leaves. She has six trees, so we all know how many leaves that is. Not only do they pick up the leaves, but they haul them away also. Plus, they work oh, so quietly.

These students make a difference in their community. I am in awe of their thoughtfulness, caring and compassion. They have my respect and gratitude. I so appreciate their help. They could have been out doing things with their family and they chose to give to their community. They are truly outstanding.

Joy Cleaver

La Grande