Letters to the editor, op-eds, editorials, public forums and meetings — in other words, dialogue — are the appropriate means to address differences, whatever the subject. The more we disagree, the more we should be talking and writing, not breaking and burning.

America needs thoughtful and significant discussion, not violence that tears us apart emotionally, destroys things we need, hurts businesses and takes lives. The attack on our Capitol was a sad and horrible event that is now a permanent stain on our American history. Not since the War of 1812 has our Capitol been physically attacked.

It should never have happened and should never happen again. Destruction and vandalism are never acceptable actions. Those responsible should be found, prosecuted and punished.

America also needs fairness, but media and political response has been extremely biased. The one-day attack on our federal Capitol building was labeled insurrection and sedition, but the 100-plus-day rioting attacks on the Portland federal building and entire downtown area were just called protests. Riots, destruction and burning in Portland and other large cities over the summer caused much more structural damage and took more lives than the Capitol attack but were generally downplayed, or even supported, by liberal politicians and press. President Donald Trump was impeached, but Gov. Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who joined the rioters, don’t seem to be facing any consequences. If press coverage were consistent, it would be pursuing Brown and Wheeler far more than Trump.

Also regarding fairness, I’m a left-brained, logical, methodical, rational civil engineer. We make decisions and base our calculations on fact or, lacking that, best available information. It is a gross insult and extremely unfair to say I am crazy, a cult follower or need to be deprogrammed because I liked what Trump achieved or see possible election fraud (see the Navarro Report, available online) as something to be investigated. And any personal success is not because of white privilege. I served in the Marine Corps to fund my college education and worked over the last 46-plus years as an engineer.

It’s been a good career and I have been blessed, but there were no handouts.

Jim Carnahan

Baker City

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