I am writing this letter in support of Paul Anderes who is one of Union Uounty's current commissioners. I can tell you from my experience any decision made will never please 100% of those involved. We must look at the objectives in mind and make choices that will help us reach them.

The work that has been done on MERA was done to proactively prevent possible fire issues. La Grande experienced one of those in the early 1970s. Thankfully it was not to the extent of the recent Southern Oregon and Detroit Lake fires. Initially our MERA property shows the effect of the machines used to create the safety zone, but like other fire buffer zones established, in time it will not look as it does right now. The contractor who is still under contract will return and make changes when weather and soil conditions permit.

Paul Anderes is the point person on our county's forestry issues because of his experience in forestry including education (OSU), personal working with his family in logging and forest management, a wildland firefighter as both a contract agent and for the Federal Forest Service, as well as an instructor training our youth to receive certification to work on the fire lines.

Paul Anderes probably did not take band in his educational career as he does not toot his own horn. Ask someone from our county food bank what Paul has done. Paul worked to assist our schools to return to in-person learning for our children. As superintendent of the Imbler School District I saw firsthand that we were able to return to field trips, local, state and national competitions in both FFA and FBLA, athletics and other activities through his efforts.

I trust Paul to do what is best for our children, our local employment, our businesses and all of our community members. He has the experience, education and knowledge to go to the source to assist each of us. Please remember to turn in your ballot and choose what you believe to best for the next four years. I strongly urge you to consider Paul Anderes.

Doug Hislop

La Grande

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