When I read of individuals' interest in a candidate's political party affiliation, even regarding a nonpartisan elected position, I wonder why some folks rely so heavily on a political platform to inform them as to who is OK and who is not. It seems that some assume once they know another's political registration status, they then know all they need to know. You are Republican, therefore you are this way; or you are Democrat, therefore you are that way. Very convenient, yet not, in reality, very useful; human beings, and life itself, are actually not that straightforward (thankfully).

Values, philosophies, beliefs and views might be better ascertained by listening to someone, or asking them questions, or checking their voting record. I wish to be represented by people who have the capacity to function within life's complicated environments, to think outside their particular affiliations and to work respectfully with, and for, colleagues and constituents who are probably (hopefully) going to be quite dissimilar from one another. In other words, someone who is able to rely on their own wisdom, rather than their political party's dogma.

Patrice Barreto

La Grande

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