There is a saying I think is very true: "An idiotic idea though embraced by millions is still an idiotic idea." Case in point: the plastic store bags that have been replaced by heavy plastic bags that cost us a mere 5 cents.

You can't even buy a half stick of gum for 5 cents so I have no problem paying the small amount for the bags — but it isn't the bags that are the problem. It is the people who have no respect for our environment or anything else. Those same people will toss the new three-times heavier bags just as readily as the old, and that makes a lot more plastic to pollute. Paper bags, on the other hand, will break down, but they don't seem to be the majority available.

Come on, people, let's take care of our own garbage and put it where it goes. That would fix the plastic problem a whole lot more than charging a mere 5 cents for a heavier bag. Let's teach the younger generation to be responsible and have respect for others and the environment. I believe that is the only solution for the problem.

Cristine Jons Martin

Island City

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