County commissioners aren’t qualified to make life and death health decisions

Union County Commissioners feel better qualified to make critical health decisions than the governor (“Union County seeks local control for managing COVID-19,” The Observer, March 20, 2021.) Popularity is virtually the only qualification for being a commissioner. They certainly are not elected nor qualified to make life and death health decisions.

If commissioners were health care professionals they would be fighting COVID-19 in our communities, not playing health tzar. State COVID-19 behaviors are determined by statistics to benefit the majority. I’ve felt comfortable shopping in stores that require masking. I suspect our commissioners would have allowed stores to operate without masking. Even more Union County citizens would have died. Others would have restricted their activities further to avoid the greater risk.

My letter to Gov. Kate Brown supports her adherence to health experts’ advice.

This is a time to respect and support one another in health.

Mary McCracken

Island City

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