Yesterday I emailed my Oregon state district representative and senator and congressional representative to express my outrage at the events that took place at our Capitol and the need for consequences for all elected officials who enabled them. Thus far I have received one auto-reply informing me that state representatives are working from home.

What, no forwarded email? No remote checking of your official email? Regardless of your party affiliation or office, your first responsibility is to your constituents.

Any business owner or professional can tell you that listening to and communicating with your patrons is fundamental. It is wholly understandable that a majority of Americans see many in office as self-serving and attention seeking. The thousands of dollars spent on political fundraising could fund the staff to respond to every constituent communication many times over.

So disappointed. Leadership is needed at every level. We will never make headway on vital issues if we don't make basic efforts to communicate.

Mari Domínguez


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