Since when has the art of being human turned into being a negative leftist attribute? When has the need for finger pointing for what our leader has done turn into finger pointing at each other?

So many of us have started this silly and hateful nonsense following suit and becoming sheep following the hate spewed upon us by those that are meant to lead us. From tweets ordered online by those wolves dressed in our own sheepskin, we take to arms looking like those jackasses that hide behind their sheep and the internet with a crooked "crown."

So many of us seem to think it is OK to treat women as meat since the 45th president presided over us; treat children not from our country as ants to squash or animals to cage while shipping their parents back; treat men as just mindless soldiers unable to think for themselves while raping the economy and reaping the benefits for themselves and their families as if they had no dignity for the human race or economy in the USA; lie to the general public about what was really happening about the COVID-19 pandemic; rip off the public about a border wall and who would actually pay.

Meanwhile, every single one of us will be paying for years if not decades for the injustices done to us over the last four years, just like previous presidents have done regardless of political party. Instead of fueled anger and rage fed to you by a nonpolitical 45th president, why not raise your hometown, home state, your roots up by bringing back that feeling of supporting each other and making our economy and lifestyle better for ourselves and each other?

Jeanmarie Warren


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