Greater Idaho website explains logistics

I’d like to answer some questions raised by an op-ed opposing the relocation of the Oregon/Idaho border.

Oregon state assets such as snowplows, prisons, land, buildings and pension funds were paid for by all the people of Oregon, including East Oregonians. We paid for some of it, and so it’s certain that any deal negotiated between Oregon and Idaho will allow rural Oregonians to take their share of the assets with them when the border is relocated.

We propose that any legislation to move the border give 21% of state assets and liabilities to Idaho, since 21% of the population of Oregon would become citizens of Idaho. This applies to the state debt as well.

We recommend that the legislation to relocate the border should grandfather in the professional licenses, driver’s licenses and local election results. If the law is clear, no court battles will be necessary. Idaho doesn’t require professional licenses for as many professions anyway.

All of these questions and more are answered in our FAQ and our proposal at

Mike McCarter, President, Citizens for Greater Idaho

La Pine

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