Critical race theory and transgenderism are two destructive ideologies that have taken root in American society. Critical race theory is a new spin on the old Karl Marx tune of oppressors and the oppressed. Transgenderism casts aside common sense and basic human biology. Both are poison for our nation, and public schools are often the gateway. And the Oregon Department of Education is 100% on board with promoting both of these poisonous ideologies. Take a look at the ODE K-12 standards for health education from 2018 and those proposed for social studies in 2021 on the ODE website.

We should be aware of what teachers are teaching students. But unless you go to the teacher and specifically ask to see instructional materials, you can't. You would think curriculum materials (textbook titles, articles, PowerPoints, etc.) would be posted online, but they are not.

The La Grande School District needs to be transparent in how critical race theory and transgenderism have been incorporated (or not) in the curriculum, and post the instructional materials used. Then parents and others can make informed decisions on whether they want students to receive an education or indoctrination.

Stephen Boe

La Grande

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