I want to thank Sheriff Cody Bowen for his courage, ethics and transparency. Yes, he sent a letter to the governor in his official capacity, because most likely the governor would not have paid attention to it otherwise. It is assumed the sheriff did not type his letter on his own computer and pay for the mailing himself. I read the letter he had placed in the paper and I saw nothing wrong with it.

Others say Sheriff Bowen misspoke when he said, “We the people of Union County.” I am afraid you are guilty of the same thing, assuming everyone in our city and the county follows your lead. It is also not a crime to invoke God. God comes in many forms.

You state Sheriff Bowen intimidates those who wear masks or got vaccinated. What I see is intimidation coming from your side, in the form of divisiveness and discrimination toward those who don't believe as you do. The statement that the unvaccinated are the cause only creates separateness between those living in our city and county.

I disagree with calling for an ethics investigation. Just because you don't agree does not mean others do not believe it.

Gail Baker

La Grande

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