To the handful of people in Union who fly political flags with messages laced with obscenities I would ask you to consider the impacts these may be having on our young people who are exposed to these obscenities daily as they go to and from school and out playing or riding horses and bicycles around town.

I feel we all have an obligation to try to set examples of how a civil society should function and provide our communities with responsible and thoughtful leaders for the future. I also feel these displays show a lack of respect for your neighbors, neighborhoods and the town in general.

I appreciate your effort to participate in our democracy but would ask that you choose a message that expresses your views while being suitable for all who may view it; if this is difficult might I suggest a visit with the wonderful staff at our local library as they can provide you with information that will enable you to compose such a message and be more effective rather than divisive.

Chuck LeBold


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