The galling, unconscionable audacity of members of the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Island City to congregate during lockdown is appalling.

Did you really think you are somehow immune to the virus? Did you give one single thought to anyone other than yourselves? To the members of our community who are older, or sick, or otherwise unwell? Your not-very-Christ-like selfishness has made a lot of people very ill. I’m going to pray for you, and hope that you don’t get any members of our community killed. Shame on you.

And for you, The Observer, to run a front-page photo of the Black Lives Matter protest in an article about the outbreak — while the article itself had no evidence that the protest contributed in any way to the spread of the virus — is journalistic malpractice. You are smart people. You knew exactly what you were doing by linking the image of the protest to an article about the virus.

Christopher Rosevear


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