We applaud the Citizens of Union County for Health and Safety for taking a stance on COVID-19. However, one size does not fit all. Since our annual flu shots aren’t 100% effective, why should this vaccine be?

Are the vaccines our government mandating obsolete? They were to protect us from the original strain. How effective are they now since this virus has mutated? Why are people with vaccinations still becoming seriously ill or having serious side effects? ls it really doing what we are led to believe? Many unanswered questions.

Are the big pharmaceuticals becoming rich off the backs of Americans and the rest of the world? What about less expensive drugs proven to be effective but doctors can't or won't prescribe?

Two years we have praised our health care workers, first responders, police and military, calling them heroes. Now they are being prosecuted. Threatening jobs, professions and livelihoods because they won't do something they don't believe in. Shouldn’t they know what is best for them?

How effective is wearing a mask? Should we risk getting pneumonia, severe headaches and sinus infections from breathing stale air? We were taught to breathe fresh air into our lungs and expel contaminated air to keep our bodies healthy. Many unanswered questions.

Wear a mask, get vaccinated, if that is what you believe is right for you. Let us make our own decisions. lt is called freedom.

Our men and women in uniform are being told to vaccinate or receive a dishonorable discharge. They chose to give their lives for our freedom. ls this how we repay them? Workers are being told no unemployment if their job is terminated for failure to vaccinate. ls one of them your breadwinner?

It sounds like tyranny to us, with harsh and unusual punishment. How much is this is a power play by our government? This is unconstitutional and we should be outraged by these edicts. Ultimately down the road we will pay the price for our government's unscrupulous demands.

Contrary to some letters, a great many of us applaud Cody Bowen for his stance on our rights, freedoms and what we believe in.

Nathiel Conrad and Debra Hansen


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