I take extreme offense to Ann Morrison's column The Observer published Jan. 16, 2021. Having known people who were in concentration camps in Germany, to try to compare those who don't agree with you with that most terrible history is irresponsible.

I consider myself a patriot, respecting our flag, the laws that keep us safe, not picking only those with which I agree, condemning violence, burning and looting, taking over parts of cities with violence, allowing violent groups to attack federal buildings as we have seen much too often recently, those arrested only to be set free again. The violent actions of Antifa and BLM should be condemned.

You are pleased to say the "Trump rioters" but do not seem to condemn the violence we have experienced in Portland, Seattle, California, even though innocent lives were lost and businesses burned. Do we have two standards to be applied? The left would rather vilify patriots and glorify the left extremists. Does the end really justify the means?

We have witnessed for the past four years the hatred of our president and the disrespect for the office by the Democratic Party. There was the "resist” movement, bloody head of the president on a platter, his family being vilified and threatened, violence and disregard for the voice of the American people, some being gleeful but with the sadness of many. This hatred began the day President Trump took office. You can be sure damage has been done and with the rest of the world watching.

After four years with constant hatred and ridicule for our president, we are now being asked to work together as another impeachment is being tried. I for one am tired of allowing people with so much hatred to go unchallenged.

Edward Ater

La Grande

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