The recent letters on the Center for Human Development by Barbara Smutz and Hazel Spiegel were great. The staff at CHD has done so much for the citizens in this area of Oregon and we are so indebted to them. We have compared the outstanding work the CHD staff did here in La Grande with what two of our daughters experienced. They live in Korea and North Carolina and have not been able to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot yet.

Changing the subject. I have a real concern over the La Grande urban renewal. We paid $325 to urban renewal this last tax year. I would rather see that money go to street improvement.

There was a time when a person going into a business dealt with a lending institution, bank or whatever and never received funds to start that business, or once in business they didn't get a grant from something like urban renewal. Why should the citizens of La Grande be taxed to help a business when they give that business funds by purchasing an item from them? Give this some serious thought.

Gary Feasel

La Grande

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