I cannot find the words to express my anger that so many people refuse to save lives by wearing masks. What has happened to the brains of those who think they need to go to the bar or restaurant and laugh and cough and pick up each other's germs? What in the world is wrong with those who threaten the life of the governor because she wants to protect the citizens of Oregon?

How soft we have gotten that such a simple thing as wearing a mask is such a terrible hardship. The tired, overworked medical workers don't think it is a problem for you to wear a mask or stay a distance away. The guys driving and loading the mobile morgues in the cities wear masks. If those of us in good health would care enough to help out by wearing masks and isolating for a short time, the pandemic would be over sooner and masks would be unimportant.

If you think it is against your constitutional right to be asked to stay home for a couple of weeks, do it because it is the right thing to do. With thousands of people dying and millions crowding the hospitals, doing the right thing holds priority over your selfish claim to a constitutional right. Everyone has the same right but they choose to stay. They don't want to be near you in a business or on the street. But, because you refuse to do the right thing, others choose not to go out and the businesses suffer for a longer time.

So which has your priority — claim your constitutional right and refuse to cooperate, or do the right thing and save hundreds of thousands of lives? Come on, Oregonians. You have brains, so use them.

Evelyn Swart


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