This morning, I read about oil companies taking advantage of the global problems created by Russia's attack on Ukraine to make unimaginably huge profits in the past month. Of course, their industry windfall is causing the rest of us to suffer financially, as prices for everything else are currently tied to the cost of transportation. As our gas prices rise, so does the cost of food and other essentials.

Won't it be a more wonderful world after we transition away from fossil fuels? Depending on wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, wave and tidal energy and other renewables will allow every community in the world to locally source their power, and cut the tether to the price of oil.

As we reach for the voters guide and cast our ballots, I encourage everyone to join me in voting for candidates who understand the pressing need to get to "carbon zero." Not only will we be saving what is left of the stability of Earth's climate, but we'll be bringing local control to our essential energy infrastructure, cutting the ties that bind us to oil company policies and prices.

Kay Firor


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