I am puzzled about the resolution describing a crisis occurring in Cove. The mayor and city council should be more specific. From the beginning of closures in 2020, Cove has been buzzing with activity. New construction never stopped. Takeout was being served from the drive-in. Cove Steakhouse put in a new coffee cart. Real estate has been selling like never before, and the local store has been busy.

It seems that gas and diesel consumption have gone up and up. There are motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, cars, trucks, flatbeds, tree service, gas and electric utility vehicles, cement trucks, log trucks, lawnmowers, backhoes and tractors, delivery trucks and vans from UPS and FedEx.

Our local greenhouse is thriving. And the biggest key of all — Cove School started back with classes in person at the beginning of this school year. They kept going on their normal schedule with many teachers and staff fully employed. Recent sports events brought in dozens or hundreds of cars from outside. More business for Cove establishments.

If there was an economic hit to someone, the letter to Gov. Kate Brown should be specific. I believe that her leadership helped us get through this. It is good for our mental health and well-being to show gratitude. We need our city leaders to demonstrate kindness to everyone at this time. Unkind behavior toward other people is more of a threat to our mental well-being than any of the COVID-19 mandates (which are rapidly easing).

Mary Cooke


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