In response to the recent On the Fence outlining the Democratic Party of Oregon’s 2018 platform, I want to explain why I will continue to support the Republican Party.

I want to feel safe in my country. I want my government to protect my family and neighbors from harm. I want to live in an economy where we each put out work effort so we can pay for our needs and debts. As a retiree and now a snowbird I want to wander around this country with confidence of safety.

When the Democrats talk of getting rid of ICE, having sanctuary cities and even whole sanctuary states I feel extremely threatened. I don’t understand why anyone would want to encourage illegal aliens who have been arrested to be turned loose; they will likely to do more harm.

It only seems reasonable that a border fence will be just one of many ways to slow down the intrusion of those who will harm us. Republicans want to keep me safe while the Democrats want open borders and the release of criminals that shouldn’t be here to start with.

Not one Democrat voted for the federal tax cut legislation. Passage has led to only positive results for everyone. A good friend who is an Independent said to me, “Big businesses will just take money saved by the lower business tax and spend it on themselves.” Reports of increased salaries and shared larger profits with the workers are proof that this was not the result.

I don’t think anybody has to love President Trump — but just look at the changes made under his administration: lowest unemployment in years, stock market breaking record highs, our foreign allies agreeing to major business deals, and allies paying their fair share of their own protection, which we have previously provided for decades.

One may object to how President Trump says things, but I surely like knowing he has my beliefs for America his number one goal.

I don’t have to prove to you anything I have said. All anyone has to do is go to the websites of elected officials and see how they envision your future.

I have looked at the websites of our Democratic representatives and senators. I see nothing on budget, law enforcement, border security, reasonable DACA legislation, etc.

The Democratic Leadership is about stalling and delaying. An example is the slowdown of judicial appointments, which is detrimental; it slows down justice and that affects all of us. Do we want a government that is succeeding or a government that will lead to failure of the current progress? Read and listen for truth, think for yourself and vote accordingly.

Ken Parsons

La Grande