Shick: Abundance of local talent evident in Elgin

To the Editor:

Terry Hale and Grant Turner, two thespians instrumental in the development of community theater in our valley, are collaborating to expand the reach of the Elgin Opera House and the Shakespeare troupe. While the Opera House continues to produce top quality musicals, the new Hale/Turner Little Theater, housed in the former Chinese restaurant on the corner of Eighth and Alder, presents a broad variety of plays ranging from Shakespeare to contemporary works.

I attended the production of the Bard’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” directed by Turner, and found it delightful. The cast includes many faces familiar to Opera House regulars, and you will be pleased to see these actors, many of whom had their start under Hale’s direction when they were children, continuing to broaden their range of theatrical skills. Some have gone on to earn degrees in theater and music from EOU and other institutions. Some are older residents with a passion for performance. 

Our region can be proud to produce or discover such truly fabulous performers. Auditions are open to people age 4 to 84. As one big-city Cycle Oregon member once said to me, “This isn’t what I expected. I know theater, and this is the real thing.” Whether one’s interest in drama leads to a career path or provides an outlet for performing in community arts and entertainment, it’s a win-win. The cast hones their craft while the audience enjoys quality productions.

Anne Turner and Bryn McLaughlin in particular deserve accolades for their portrayals of Robin Goodfellow (Puck) and Hippolyta (the Fairie Queene), respectively, in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Turner alone is worth the price of admission. The play runs through Sept. 1. The upcoming show will be “Newsies,” a Disney Broadway musical opening Sept. 13.

For a really enjoyable evening, have dinner at Cowboy and Angel’s Place in Elgin, then stroll over to either theater and see a show. Besides supporting the actors, you’ll find yourself experiencing quality local theater that compares favorably to professional productions performed in well-known locales. From directors to novices, this corner of Oregon is lucky to have such an abundance of local talent. It’s the real thing, people. 

Lyndall Shick


Hinshaw: For real reduction of greenhouse gases, talk to China and India

To the Editor:

I would like to say thank you to our 11 Oregon Senators who were forced to leave Salem as the only means left to them to stop HB 2020 from passing and becoming law. Had this horrible piece of legislation passed, it would have done an extreme amount of damage to our state economy, forcing many businesses to close or leave the state and putting many people out of work. 

The proponents of HB 2020 tell us it is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to save the planet. Okay, just how is a reduction of .0096% of global carbon emissions, the amount Oregon is responsible for, going to make any significant impact? That’s assuming we can achieve a carbon neutral point, which we can’t. The answer is of course it won’t. The only thing it will do is decimate our state economy. The proponents also tell us that this will only be the start of more drastic measures, even more detrimental to the economy and putting more jobs at risk. The Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Cortez comes to mind, which is complete lunacy. 

Let’s assume HB 2020 had passed and Oregon businesses were forced to deal with the fallout. Ash Grove Cement in Baker County has stated it would have to shut down operations. If that happened, cement made in China would replace that produced by Ash Grove. China does not have environmental controls in its manufacturing process to reduce carbon emissions, so in effect we would be adding to the total carbon footprint of Oregon. Not to mention the jobs lost and tax revenue lost to Baker County and the state. If you want real reduction of greenhouse gases, you need to talk to countries like China and India. 

HB 2020 and any subsequent legislation proposed by the Democrats in Salem is nothing more than a huge tax scheme with no meaningful reduction of greenhouse gases. It is absurd to believe cap and trade is the answer. 

Joel Hinshaw


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