Rifle season continues through Oct. 12.


• Chukar, Hungarian partridge, quail and wild turkey seasons open this Saturday, Oct. 8.

BAKER COUNTY: The dry summer means water availability in some areas will play an important role in animal distribution. Hunters should concentrate on areas with available green forage for best results. Dark Canyon, Patrick Creek and Pine-Keating Travel Management Area regulations went into effect Wednesday.

UNION COUNTY: Hunters can expect to find bucks near water sources. Look for springs near dense cover.

WALLOWA COUNTY: Hancock Timber lands in the Minam and Sled Springs units have now re-opened to camping after the recent fire precaution measures. Buck hunters experienced low success during opening weekend because deer were not very active during the dry weather. The cool, rainy weather forecast this week should improve hunting conditions. Forest grouse in Wallowa County did not fare as well as grouse in other parts of the state this year because cold, wet weather in June when the eggs were hatching caused high chick mortality early on. Some ruffed grouse can still be found in draw bottoms with dense brush. Blue grouse are found higher on the slopes and on ridge tops near the edge of timber stands.


• Fishing for trout is good at tributary mouths. Crappie have moved to deeper water. Smallmouth bass in the 6- to 9-inch range are very abundant making it hard to find the larger fish. Fishing for channel cats should be good.