Remember to complete a report for each 2016 deer, elk, bear, cougar and pronghorn tag you purchased—even if you didn’t hunt or weren’t successful. Report online by Jan. 31 at or call 1-866-947-6339.

Wallowa county ponds

• New to Kinney Lake this year, the lake is now open to fishing year-round and non-motorized watercraft are now allowed. The lake was stocked at the end of September and should fish well throughout the winter. Salt Creek Summit still has fish available and they were actively rising during a recent visit by the local biologist.

Haines and North Powder PONDs

• Were stocked with pounder and legal-sized rainbow trout in mid-October.

Owyhee River

• Water releases below the dam have been around 28 cfs according to USGS stream data, and the water clarity has been fairly good when it isn’t raining or snowing. Fly-fishing higher up in the canyon has been productive and some have had success with small dry flies matching the hatches that have been occurring. Water clarity can fluctuate throughout the day so having a wide range of flies or lures can increase success during fall/winter fishing on the Owyhee River. ODFW and volunteers recently conducted brown trout spawning surveys on the Lower Owyhee River and found brown trout actively spawning. The majority of the spawning is occurring higher up in the river but there were fish spawning down as low as the concrete bridge hole so users are asked to avoid walking in and around actively spawning trout and redds. Spawning areas can be identified by the cleaned up gravel in riffles and in other areas that contain smaller gravel.