• The first-come, first-served tags for the fall seasons in Eastern Oregon have sold out.


• Chukar, Hungarian partridge, quail and wild turkey seasons opened Oct. 8.


• Was stocked with approximately 500 one-pound rainbow trout the last week of September. This, as well as carryover from stocking of trophy trout in July, should provide for some very good fall fishing.


• After being poisoned last fall to eradicate illegally introduced smallmouth bass and black crappie, the reservoir was stocked this May with fingerling, legal-sized and trophy rainbow trout. Recent fish sampling by ODFW indicates that the fingerlings planted this spring have survived and grown well. Recent reports indicate Fishing is good for fat 10- to 16-inch rainbow trout.

Taylor Green Pond

• Was stocked with 150 one-pound rainbow trout the last week of September. Fishing is good. From Catherine Creek Summit on Highway 203, take Forest Service Road 7700 east for about 9 miles to Road 7740 on the right. Proceed on the 7740 road for about 1/4 mile. The rock pit ponds are on the right.

grande ronde river

• Steelhead season is open and anglers are picking up a few fish. However, fishing typically doesn’t pick up until later in the month with the best fishing taking place on through the fall. Similar to other Columbia basin runs, the Grande Ronde stock is tracking below expectations this year. On the upside, a large majority of the returning fish are two-salt meaning larger average size.

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