Pulse of Oregon is a quarterly magazine covering healthcare and healthy living in Central and Eastern Oregon.

Expert Columns

Diabetes rates in Oregon have tripled since the 1990s. That statistic alone is alarming. Even more concerning is the relationship between diabetes and America’s leading cause of death – heart disease. Read more

Obsession with personal fulfillment realized through material means – the fairytale of happiness for sale – is customary in affluent cities like Bend and the broad landscape of contemporary American social and economic life. Read more

Staying fit and enjoying the outdoors go hand-in-hand. During the warm months, the time we spend outside helps to maintain our fitness and improve our mental state by leaps and bounds. The summer allows for more outdoor activities than other seasons, and, while you may miss snow occasionally, the temperatures are ripe for intense outdoor activity. For those who do love snow, you can flip the seasonal advice below and apply it to your preferred active months. Read more

There is no doubt we are experiencing some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced in our lifetimes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a psychologist who has researched addiction for more than a decade, I am especially concerned about the virus’s effects on substance use rates and the health disparities that are created and exacerbated by the pandemic. Recent studies suggest a multitude of ways that COVID-19 and alcohol use are intertwined, and I’d like to focus on four ways that the combination of the two creates an especially concerning the situation. Read more