Words of the Buddha

If for company you find a wise and prudent friend who leads a good life, you should, overcoming all impediments, keep their company joyously and mindfully.

—Dhammapada 23.328

By effort and heedfulness, discipline and self-mastery, let the wise one make for oneself an island which no flood can overwhelm.

—Dhammapada 2.25

When past conditioning is released and no fresh one produced, the mind no longer seeks for future birth. The seed consumed, cravings no more arise. Such-minded wise ones cease like [the flame of] this lamp.

—Sutta Nipāta 2.238

Well done is that action of doing which one repents not later, and the fruit of which one reaps with delight and happiness.

—Dhammapada 5.68

Source: www.pariyatti.org

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