Eastern Oregon University’s men’s cross-country take on runners from the College of Idaho in La Grande on Friday, Nov. 6, 2020.

LA GRANDE — Eastern Oregon University fell to the College of Idaho as it held what could well prove to be the track team’s only cross-country competition of 2020.

Battling inclement weather, the men’s and women’s teams fell to their conference rival Coyotes in a home matchup, with the College of Idaho’s runners taking individual top spots and overall score in both competitions.

The Mounties fell by a score of 46-17 in the women’s 3,000 meter competition, losing eight of the top nine individual spots to Coyote runners. Eastern’s Michelle Herbes led her team’s effort and took fourth place, while Katie Jo Gebhardt led a pack of Mountaineers that took spots 10 through 13.

Eastern’s women’s team ran an average time of 11:37.98, nearly a full minute slower than College of Idaho’s 10:39.46.

The men’s team managed marginally more success than the women’s but likewise fell to their conference foes, in this case by a score of 34-23.

Travis Running took second individually, leading the Mountaineer charge. Johnny Wind and Hunter Nichols took the fifth and sixth spots, respectively, and a slough of Eastern runners took spots 10 through 16.

Competing in a 5,000 meter race, the men’s team ran an average time of 16:36.62 compared to the Coyotes’ 16:21.22.

With additional meets unlikely before the new year, fans of Mountaineer cross-country will have to find satisfaction in the fact that Eastern’s runners managed to squeak in a contest at all amid a global pandemic.

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